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The Tradition Behind Challenge Coins

Many people have barely heard about challenge coins and what do it served for. But challenge coin has a profound tradition in the military service and in department that renders service to the commonwealth. For men such as in the fire department or men in uniform, to have a challenge coin is not just a memento but also a badge of honor and courage that depicts that owner’s character and valor.

The history as when did custom made coins begin has a lot of version and myths. Many people, especially those who not know that much about the full history challenge coins will likely misconstrue to date back in world war I. but really, challenge coins and its representation has a much richer story behind. First of all, challenge coin is given to honor the camaraderie of one person is a special task unit. It serve as a merit to the one that is worthy of it.

The origin of challenge coin is filled of tell-tales: But one thing is for sure, that rich culture of challenge coins collection and giving can be tracked down to the most ancient empire of the Roman people. Yes, it can be dated that far back in the history of humanity. So if you think it is something that is coined up during the two world wars, then you need to debunk that myth. Make sure to learn more here!

In the old roman world, a soldier receives a badge or wages to pay for his valor and excellence in the battlefield. The more victory he won, the more wages he receives. This is the very origin why we honor our brave men with the challenge coin. The main goal is not just to honor their acts of bravery and valor but to also encourage them to serve better and live up with their duties with dignities and strong patriotism. In other task unit, challenge coins also represent a brotherhood inside a single unit.

The very origin of challenge coin reminds us how essential and important these coins are to people who have and aspire for it. Today, challenge coin can be forged and made in accordance to your liking. But also, one must remember that challenge coins are not used for purchased unlike in the old Roman Empire. It means more priceless and important than that – challenge coins represent you as a member of a certain organization. If you excel you get it. Should you wish to learn more about challenge coins, go to

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